2021 Tillamook County Fair, August 11th-14th!!!
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Special Contests

Each Oregon County is invited to participate in the 2019 Best of the Best static competition and will be provided with 6 Best of the Best ribbons to award to 1 entry in each of the following categories!

For the third year running, counties from all across Oregon are invited to participate in the Best of The Best Competition. Each county can enter static displays is six categories:


oJunior/Teen Crafts (ages 17 and younger)


oJunior/Teen Textiles (ages 17 and younger)

oVisual Arts

oJunior/Teen Visual Arts (ages 17 and younger)

One ribbon—combined with a $250 cash prize—will be awarded to one entry in each of those six categories.

County entries will be on display for all 11 days of the Oregon State Fair, and cannot be retrieved from the State Fair until September 3rd.

The official awards presentation will happen on Saturday, August 23rd on the Explore Oregon Showcase in Columbia Hall.

Physical entries can be received in Columbia Hall at the Oregon State Fair in Salem between August 9th and August 19th, 2019.

Tillamook County Dairy Women
“Dairy Dessert Bake-Off”

Calling all dessert creators! The Tillamook County Dairy Women are
asking you to submit your best dairy dessert to the 2019 Tillamook County Fair. We are looking for the best dairy-licious dessert. The only rule for the contest is your recipe must contain AT LEAST 3 dairy products! So let the mixing bowls and measuring cups fly and get out the butter, milk, whipping cream, cheeses and sour cream. Remember a dairy product is something made with milk from a cow (eggs are from chickens!).

Submit a typed copy of your recipe along with the finished product to
the Tillamook County Fair Culinary Dept. by Tuesday, August 6th, 10 am (if you don’t have your recipe typed, you will be disqualified).

Desserts will be judged by a committee consisting of Tillamook Fair
Culinary Judges and Tillamook County Dairy Women and judged on taste,
appearance and use of dairy products.

For further questions please e-mail Jamie: Jamie.durrer@gmail.com

1st Place - $25
2nd Place - $15
3rd Place - $10
All recipes will become the property of the Tillamook County Dairy Women
who reserve the right to publish them in future cookbooks and other publications.

Pictured are some of our entries in to the Ugliest Cake Contest from previous years.

1. Ugly as can be: the uglier the better.
2. Use your imagination. Please use discretion in your assortment of garnishments.
3. All ingredients and decorations must be edible.
4. Entries will be judged on looks alone.
5. A real cake must be used.
6. Cakes made from form pans will be accepted.
7. No cakes are to be longer than 18”.

Cash Prizes will be awarded to contestants ages 8 and
under, 9-17 years of age and 18+ years of age in the
amount of $25 for 1st place and $10 for 2nd place.
Sponsored by Misty Meadow Dairy

Tillamook County Fairgrounds
4603 East 3rd Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141

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